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The Motocaddy M Series push cart arts have garnered significant attention on the MyGolfSpy Forum. The release of a new model and prior high praise led to increased anticipation for how the carts would perform in the hands of our testers. We selected three members for this opportunity with each testing a different model. In this overview, we will also break down the key features and user feedback for the three models in this series: M1 DHC, M5 GPS and M7 Remote.

Key Highlights

The 2024 Motocaddy M Series carts received positive feedback from testers for their performance and features. Key highlights include ease of use, particularly the simple, compact folding design and EASILOCK technology that ensures the bag remains secure during the round. 

Testers appreciated the GPS functionality on models like the M5 GPS DHC, which offers precise distance measurement and other game-enhancing features. The M7 Remote was noted for its robust build and ability to handle various terrain without tipping. Battery life performance was highly praised with users reporting that the carts easily lasted multiple rounds on a single charge. 

However, some testers pointed out areas for improvement such as limited storage options and the need for better remote control placement. Overall, the carts were praised for their convenience, stability and technological advancements​.

Model Breakdown and User Experiences


The Motocaddy M1 DHC is the new model released this season. It is the entry model for Motocaddy and offers a simple folding design and LCD widescreen display. The M1 DHC also features nine speed settings and automatic downhill control with all-terrain tires and an electronic parking brake.

The M1 DHC model was praised for its simplicity and effectiveness. Tester Erin B highlighted its user-friendly design and straightforward setup.”The folding mechanism is compact and straightforward, fitting easily into my car trunk.” This ease of setup and portability was a consistent theme among the full review for the M1 DHC​.

Additionally, the DHC feature, which provides downhill control, was particularly appreciated. Erin B explained, “The DHC feature, along with the anti-tip rear wheel, provided stability and confidence when navigating hilly courses.” This model’s ergonomic design, including adjustable handle height, made it a favorite for many golfers he showed it to during the testing period..

Positive Aspects:

  • Simple setup and folding mechanism
  • Effective downhill control with DHC feature
  • Ergonomic and adjustable handle height

Areas for Improvement:

  • Limited storage space for personal items.


The M5 GPS model stands out for its integrated GPS technology which significantly enhances the user experience. Testers found the GPS functionality to be accurate and highly convenient. Tester Rkj427: “The GPS functionality on the M5 model is a game-changer, providing accurate distances and enhancing my overall experience on the course.” He also had feedback on the battery life: “I took it with a full charge and when I walked off the course and loaded it back into the car it was still about 70+% charged”.

The touchscreen GPS was lauded for its ease of use and precision. RKJ427 noted, “The GPS provides precise distance measurements, which is invaluable during play.” He found the cart helped his game in a variety of situations which led to lower scores. 

Positive Aspects:

  • Accurate and convenient GPS functionality
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen interface
  • Enhances overall golfing experience with precise distance measurements

Areas for Improvement:

  • Limited storage space for personal items


This M7 GPS Remote model from Motocaddy is the top of the line with all the bells and whistles. It has all the features from the other models but, as the name would suggest, it includes a remote for hands-off steering and control. The remote, however, received a mixed review. While the ability to control the cart remotely was appreciated, our tester found it challenging to manage the remote when not in use. StrokerAce: “There isn’t a spot to hold the remote control while you’re not using it so I grabbed some heavy-duty Velcro and tried that.”

Despite this, the overall feedback on the M7 REMOTE‘s performance was positive, especially the convenience of remote-control operation. The cart’s stability and ease of navigation, even on uneven terrain, were also highlighted. StrokerAce noted, “The M7 Remote offers great stability and is, overall, easy to navigate, making it perfect for different terrains.”

Positive Aspects:

  • Convenient remote-control operation
  • Stable and easy to navigate on various terrains
  • Advanced features for enhanced user experience

Areas for Improvement:

  • Need for a dedicated holder or compartment for the remote control

Motocaddy Cart Bags

Testers of the Motocaddy M Series carts provided detailed feedback on the golf bags, specifically the Dry-Series and Pro-Series models. These models were included as part of the testing experience.

They praised the bags for their quality construction and thoughtful design, highlighting features like the EASILOCK technology that securely attaches the bag to the cart, preventing any movement during play. The bags have useful pockets including insulated beverage holders and compartments for rangefinders, tees and balls. However, some testers felt the need for more storage pockets and suggested that additional smaller pockets would enhance the bag’s functionality. The bags are lightweight, which contributes to efficient battery usage. Overall, the testers found the bags to be a good complement to the carts but recommended a few improvements for added convenience.

Erin B commented, “The bag is a great bag and high quality. I just think it needs at least one more smaller pocket. The small pocket outside the big bottom pocket needs a zipper in my opinion.” Another tester mentioned, “The Motocaddy Dry Series bag weighs 6.3 lbs, and the Motocaddy Pro Series bag weighs 7.3 lbs…Maybe a front swivel wheel would help”​

StrokerAce said: ““The Motocaddy bag is durable and well-constructed, fitting securely on the trolley. However, additional storage pockets would enhance its functionality.”

Motocaddy Accessories

Our testers of the Motocaddy M Series carts provided further feedback on the accessories that were provided with the carts. They found the drink holder to be slightly problematic due to the absence of instructions and the holder had some room for improvement. StrokerAce noted, “Tall water bottles will fall out when going over rough terrain.” The mobile device cradle and scorecard holder, however, were well received for their functionality and ease of use. Erin B also appreciated the accessories, though there was a consensus on the need for better instructions. The umbrella holder was effective once set up and accommodated several sizes of umbrellas that our testers tried. Overall, the testing group appreciated the accessories that were included and said they added value. 

Final Grades: Motocaddy Trolleys

This was a long review period and our group had extensive time to put the carts through all the paces. 

For Erin B gave the M1 DHC 94/100: “The ONLY thing this cart lacks is a remote and reverse. That being said, it doesn’t really need a remote. It’s super easy to use and stow. It could be a little lighter, but it is an electric walking cart and does need some weight to it, but if it lost 5Lbs it would be fire.”

The M5 GPS tested by rkj427 was graded at 97.5/100. “If you are looking for an easier way to play golf while walking the course without getting too tired or exhausted at the end of your round, you should strongly consider a Motocaddy Electric Trolley! With a variety of models and options to choose from, they are affordable, and actually less money than either buying or renting a riding cart depending upon the frequency of your play. Fairly easy to transport, store, and a great warranty, as well as expected battery life, there really are no negatives to speak of knowing that it is an electric powered trolley that should meet all of your expectations or needs.”

StrokerAce who tested the M7 Remote GPS graded it at 90/100: “The M7 Remote offers great stability and is overall easy to navigate, making it perfect for different terrains. The convenience of remote control operation is a significant advantage. Though the lack of a dedicated holder for the remote is a drawback.”


The 2024 Motocaddy M Series carts generally impressed testers with their advanced features, robust battery life and ease of use. While there are areas for improvement, particularly in terms of storage space and some minor component durability, the overall user experience has been positive. These carts are highly recommended for golfers looking to enhance their game. The Motocaddy series are reliable high-performing electric trolleys that make walking the course much easier. 

To read our testers’ full reviews, see their photos, videos and more, you can find them here: Forum Member Reviews: Motocaddy M Series of Electric Carts

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