Watch: Johnson, Horschel clash with fans

Zach Johnson and Billy Horschel lost their cool with fans on the final day of the Phoenix Open.

Johnson told fans “I’m sick of it” before telling them to “just shut up” while, in a separate incident, Horschel admonished a fan for calling out before his one of his playing partners, Nicolo Galletti, was about to hit a shot.

“Buddy, when he’s over a shot shut the hell up man,” Horschel shouted. “He’s trying to hit a damn golf shot here – it’s our f****** job.”

INBOX: “Zach Johnson can not take the heat after being an absolute dick to fans before his tee shot. Then shanks his ball wide right and does this when a fan says “guess being an asshole doesn’t help””

— Old Row Golf (@OldRowGolf) February 11, 2024

Karen Johnson

— Tour Golf (@PGATUOR) February 11, 2024

Haha the players have had enough!!!

For the record I am 100% on Billy Horschel’s side here. STFU when a player is over the ball.

— Rick Golfs (@Top100Rick) February 11, 2024

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